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Lake Watch (Apr, 2024)

Celebrate the clean water of Lake Martin and the entire Tallapoosa River watershed (Jan, 2024)

What's happening in the watershed? (Oct, 2023)

FYI from Lake Watch (Jul, 2023)

Protecting water quality through testing and oversight (Apr, 2023)

Care for the lake means caring for the streams (Jan, 2023)

Surprising results (from AU Microbial Source Tracking Study (Oct, 2022)

Swim alert has launched (Jul, 2022)

A new swim alert plan (Apr, 2022)

Regulated pretreatment planned at Alexander City's new graphite processing plant (Jan, 2022)

Lake Watch of Lake Martin – 30 years old and more relevant than ever (Oct, 2021)

Lake Watch goes hi-tech with AU microbiologist (Jul, 2021)

Protect the lake during construction (Apr, 2021)

ADEM promises improved oversight of 'Treasured' waters (Jan, 2021)

What to Watch - Lake Watch monitors a potential threat to the lake (Oct, 2020)

No Vaccine for Water Quality - It's up to us to save the lake (Jul, 2020)

ADEM updates Lake Watch (Apr, 2020)

Chickens in the watershed (Jan, 2020)

Toxic algae - Is it in our lake? (Oct, 2019)

Build responsibly (Jul, 2019)

Stewardship makes a difference (Apr, 2019)

Resolve to protect our Treasured Lake in 2019 (Jan, 2019)

Do you recycle?  (Oct, 2018)

Vote leadership for water quality  (Jul, 2018)

Lake Watch celebrates stewardship of the lake (Apr, 2018)

It's about chemistry - data indicate clean, healthy lake  (Jan, 2018)

One of the Cleanest Lakes in the State (Oct, 2017)

Cry Fowl (Jul, 2017)

Where have all the fishes gone? (May, 2017)

Alabama tops the list - USGS ranks state No. 1 in aquatic biodiversity (Jan, 2017)

Lake Watch turns 25 (Oct, 2016)

Dangerous Chemicals - Lake Watch guards against potential contaminents at Lake Martin (Jul, 2016)

What is a treasured lake worth? (Apr, 2016)

Memoirs of a water monitor (Jan, 2016)

Auburn study isolates sources of E.coli (Oct, 2015)

Don't dirty the water (Aug, 2015)

Alien invasion at a lake near you? (Oct, 2013)

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