Lake Watch 
               Lake Martin

Lake Watch certified monitors test sites throughout Lake Martin and its watershed following AWW protocols. Sites range geographically from the upper watershed near Lake Wedowee down to the lower end of the lake. Sites are monitored for water chemistry or bacteria (specifically E. coli), or both.


(map modified from AWW website)

To access data and location information for sites, CLICK HERE

To access Lake Watch water quality data in a table format by site in the AWW database, CLICK HERE, then:

  1. Select either Chemistry or Bacteria for Data Type
  2. Select Tallapoosa for AWW Watershed
  3. Select Lake Watch of Lake Martin for Group

The generated table contains all data, either water chemistry or bacteriological (depending on which one you chose) from 1996 to the present, ordered by AWW site code number. Note, you can sort the data by any of the column headers by simply clicking on a header.

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