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If you would like to play an active role in keeping Lake Martin clean, then consider becoming a certified water monitor.  Our volunteers are trained in workshops to learn the basic principles of how to monitor and evaluate physical, chemical, and biological features of water.  It is fun and easy!

Our water monitors test seven variables to determine long-term trends in water quality.  These variables are measured with a customized test kit, supplied by Lake Watch: pH, total hardness, total alkalinity, air and water temperature, and dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. Tests are conducted monthly at our test site locations at specific times over a few days to allow for volunteer flexibility.  Test results are reported to Alabama Water Watch, where they are recorded with data from across the watershed. 

We also train monitors to conduct bacteriological monitoring (for E. coli and other coliform bacteria) to determine if water is safe for drinking and swimming.  

In addition, our monitors conduct stream biomonitoring, to look for "aquatic bugs" or macroinvertibrates that serve as indicators of a healthy ecosystem.  Monitors are also involved in educational activities at several local schools and camps to help teach the next generation about clean water. 

To find out how you can become a volunteer water monitor, contact us at:
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