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Lake Watch has made a commitment to the future of Lake Martin and the lake community by developing a water quality monitoring program in partnership with: Alabama Water Watch, Auburn University, Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), and local governmental organizations. 

Our Programs include:

Chemical Testing 

Volunteers conduct monthly monitoring at over a dozen sites on the lake using chemical test kits. Parameters tested are dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity, hardness, turbidity, and temperature. Test results are entered into the Alabama Water Watch state wide database, and the data are shared with ADEM for use in state wide policy decisions and reports to EPA. 

Bacteriological testing 

Selected sites around the lake, on the Tallapoosa River and on tributary streams are tested for E. coli contamination. Lake Watch also responds to citizens requests for bacteriological testing as a community service.

Biological testing
Lake Watch's Living Streams program offers children and adults a unique look into the world of aquatic organisms through biological assessment of the benthic macroinvertebrate population in area streams. This water quality assessment program is provided without charge to schools, teachers, scout groups, Camp ASCCA, and other community agencies.

Drinking Water
Trained volunteers monitor the safety and quality of drinking water in local communities.

Public Health
Monitors conduct research into the impact of environmental factors on public health.

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